Personal Websites

I've been developing websites for my personal interests since the summer of 1995. A lot of my early website work looked a lot like the other early websites, and my oldest websites even still have some of the mid-90s web feel to them. The last websites I've designed on my own (LowBuckChuck) was designed more recently and has a more modern feel to it.
Low Buck Chuck Logo Low Buck Chuck is a price game website, in which users try to guess the lowest priced item from a group of products on amazon. So far one game was developed in Backbone.js, which allows users to submit their own quizzes by allowing keyword search of amazons products to build questions.
inThe80s Logo InThe80s is devoted to the decade of the 80s. The focus of the website is on the pop culture of the decade. logo Worcester,Mass. Dedicated to the second largest city in New England, and the city I was born in (and raised around). My website focuses on the lighter side of things, and has some cool pictures of what it used to look like in old postcards.
inthe70s logo InThe70s is devoted to the decade of the 70s. The focus of the website is on the pop culture of the decade.
inthe90s logo InThe90s is devoted to the decade of the 90s. The focus of the website is on the pop culture of the decade.
amIright logo amIright is about misheard lyrics and song parodies for the most part. I try to use this website as an excuse to poke fun at the music industry (it's product and culture).
OnlyOnFilm logo Only On Film is about famous landmarks that no longer exist, but can still be spotted in movies. It's been discontinued since 2007.
inthe00s logo
InThe00s is a messageboard for all of my current websites.
amIwrong logo
amIwrong is a quiz site about popular culture website. Users are able to submit new quizzes, and once approved by the system administrator are then available for other visitors to play.

Poster-Books is a small site I developed for my own personal reviews of books about concert posters and other music related picture/photography collections. Just something I whipped up one weekend.