Song & Album Wantlist

These are the songs and albums I can't currently locate copies of. Generally looking for MP3s, but I'll take any format I can get my hands on. Contact me if you have them or know someone who does and wants to work out a trade.

Boston Stuff...

I grew up listening to Boston radio, and most of this stuff is promo only type stuff that wasn't available for sale.

  • Billy Idol, "Hot In The City" - He yells out "Boston!" instead of New York
  • Starship, "We Built This City" - Any copy that has a Boston radio station instead of the regular San Francisco version.
  • Meatloaf, "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" - Boston edition, apparently there's a version with Boston Red Sox announcer Dick Stockton in place of Phil Rizzuto
  • Ian Hunter Band, "Boston Rocks" 6/25/79 from the Paradise Theater, Boston MA
  • Boston Radio Airchecks - Recordings of any Boston radio station from before 1995, especially WBCN

The John Peel Box

John Peel was a very well known DJ from the UK and at the time of his passing he had a box of his most treasured 45s. A team of Internet geeks got together and tried to hunt them all down, but to date these tracks have not been located.

  • Dreamland Express, "Groovy"
  • Dreamland Express, "u.f.o"
  • Firemen, "Old Smokie"

Other Stuff...

  • MTV Airchecks - Recordings of MTV from it's hey day in the 80s. With or without commercials, but I especially want the VJ bits imbetwen videos.
  • Dr. Demento Show - I have nearly all the shows from 1993 - 2010, mostly interested in shows from the 70s and 80s now.
  • Promo Only Modern Rock Radio
    • 1995 - November, December
    • 1996 - January-June, August, November, December
    • 1997 - All except October
    • 1998 - January-March, May-August,
    • 2012 onwards