These are the Cat's Meow pieces I've collected the past few years. This page contains all my Worcester pieces. These are NOT for sale. Check out the index for other pieces I have.

1961 Double Decker English Bus (1998)Abercrombie House (2002)Assumption Chapel of the Holy Spirit (1998)Bancroft Hotel (1996)Bancroft Tower (2004)Boulevard Diner (1997)Central Fire Station (1997)City Hall (1993)City Hall 150th Anniversary (1998)City Hospital (1998)Clark University (1997)Coney Island Hot Dogs (1996)Cristoforo Columbo Park Shrewsbury Street (2000)D'Errico's Market (1999)Dean-Sumner House 10 Cedar Street (2000)Denholms at Christmas (1996)EM Loews Plymouth Theatre (2005)Eastons (1999)Elm Park (2002)Elm Park Footbridge (1995)Elwood Adams Hardware Store (1997)G Henry Whitcomb House (1995)Greenwood St Fire Station (1997)Hadwen Park Market (1997)Halloween Outlet (1998)Higgins Armory Musuem (1997)High School of Commerce (1998)Jeremiah's Inn (1998)Jerry's Hardware (2001)Joe's Diner (2002)La Maison Francaise, Assumption College (1994)Lake View Congregational Church (2001)Mac's Diner (1998)Mechanics Hall (1993)Miss Worcester Diner (1993)National Guard Armory (1993)O'Connor's Restaurant and Bar (1998)Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (2000)Owl Shop (1993)Parkway Diner (1997)Paul Revere Insurance Group (1997)Polar Beverages (2004)Ralph's Chadwick Square Diner (1998)Renovated Union Station July 4 2000 (2004)Saint Paul Cathedral (1994)Salisbury Mansion (1992)Sole Proprietor (2005)Southeast Fire Station (2007)Speedy's Drive-In (1998)St. John's Church (1998)St. Josephs Church (1994)Three Decker (1994)Town Talk Bread (2006)Trumbull Mansion (1994)Union Station (1993)WRTA Bus (2000)Waldo Street Police Station (2006)Webster House (1997)Webster Street Firehouse (2002)Weintraub's Deli & Restaurant (1998)Worcester Academy Lewis J. Warner Memorial Theater (1998)Worcester Art Museum (1995)Worcester County Court House (1995)Worcester Courthouse (2008)Worcester Historical Museum (2002)Worcester Market (1994)Worcester Medical Center (2000)Worcester Memorial Auditorium (1994)Worcester Polyechnic Institute (1996)Worcester State College (2004)Worcester State Hospital Clock Tower (2004)